Bmw paint codes - Location

As with most car manufacturers Bmw paint codes can be found in several locations. The most reliable location is in the door shut / frame of the vehicle ( The area revealed when you open your door ). Locations can vary dependant on model so you may have to scout around all the doors to locate the information plate.

Bmw paint code location Bmw Paint Code

The paint code in this image is 475 for black sapphire metallic. The code is usually to the mid left of the information plate and the paint code will often be before a "/". There may be another number after the"/" but this is not required for your exterior paint colour.

If you can't find an information plate in the door shut, your colour code may be located under the bonnet. The most popular location under the bonnet is on the suspension top. And your info plate will look similar to this.

Bmw Paint Code

The colour code is located in the bottom left corner on this information plate. The paint code is 405 for Imola red 2 on this image. A colour name will also often be stated on the Bmw brand ( Usually in it's German version of the colour name ). If you would like to include this name with your order we can double check the code ordered.

If your code is not in these two loctaions it may be found toward the front of the engine bay, behind the headlamp. The Bmw mini paint code can be found near to the front wing but is only revealed when the bonnet is raised.

We recommend always confirming the colour code on the vehicle prior to ordering. This is by far the most reliable way to ensure the right colour is ordered.

If you cannot locate your paint code on the vehicle the next best alternative is to contact a local Bmw dealer parts / service department with your registration / VIN number. They will be able to confirm your colour from the relevant manufacturer database. (Alas only dealers have access to this system)

When placing an order please provide as much information as you can. Vehicle paint code systems can vary widely so we will use these extra details to double check your colour code and ensure we provide you with the correct colour for your vehicle.

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