Touch up paint - Guide

Please see the touch up paint guide video for instructions on how to get the best results possible. Our kits make it easier than ever before to touch up those chips and scratches your car will pick up over it's lifetime.

Our highly durable all in one paints make it very easy for you to improve the appearance of your vehicle and protect any exposed scratches and chips from the envioroment.

Why choose us ?

  • Our water based touch up paints are extremely forgiving unlike oil based equivalents - any accidental application can be simply wiped away (prior to drying)
  • All in one product - no need for messy separate primers or lacquers - Simply build the layers of our all in one product
  • Blendable - build layers of paint to blend your touch ups into your orignal body work

Why use a Polish ?

  • The liquid polish can remove any lighter scratches / residues entirely. This ensures you only have to apply paint to damaged areas. This is a key to achieving good touch up results.
  • Excellent for prepping repair areas, removing impact residues and softening the edges of scrapes and chips - See the touch up paint guide video
  • Great for lock Key marks, scratches from bushes / trees, insect/tree residue

Performs repairs ranging from small chips and scratches up to the large repair shown in this guide video

Although this repair is carried out on the rear quarter area of a vehicle these techniques can be used to touch up any area of your vehicle

Excellent for bumper scrapes and scratches and suitable on metal and plastic area's of your vehicle. No primer or lacquers required.

Always ensure adequate ventilation is provided when working with these products - read relevant safety information before use - all products are used at your own risk