About Us

WE are a UK based business with over 20 years experience in the motor re finishing trade. All paints are custom mixed to computer formulation, we use highly accurate scales to ensure colour accuracy.

We have access to thousands of paint formulas and can match thousands of colours from vehicles all over the world. Please contact us with your colour requirements and we will be happy to check availability and confirm your colour.

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If you have any queries please don't hesitate in contacting us


We have years of experience in finding car colour codes and know the locations for the most popular makes and models.

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We provide FREE DELIVERY to the UK on a 2-3 working day service.

Please note due to the nature of our products we only currently supply to the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my colour is not available?

A: We have over 99% coverage of the colours used on today's vehicles, If your colour is not available we will contact you and issue a full refund.

Q: Do you supply outside the UK ?

A: Due to the nature of our products currently we only supply to the UK.

Q: I can't find my colour code / paint code.

A: Browse our paint colour code section for your specific make and follow the directions

Q: I think my paint code has been removed or can't find it anywhere on the vehicle, where can i obtain it?

Contact a main dealer parts section for your manufacturer, They will have a database listing colours on every vehicle they have produced, be sure to have your registration and VIN / Chassis number handy as one of these is often required.

Q: Do you supply pearl whites / oranges / yellows ?

A: These colours can not be currently produced in our one part system. A system with seperate paint stages is needed to re-create these colours.

Q: I can't place an order there is a server error message ?server error

A: The website is experiencing a server issue, please check back soon to place an order.